Day 84: spring is never coming so fake it a bit

I had another bad day today. I didn’t curl in the bottom of the shower but
that is primarily because I didn’t have one. I did see my doctor and I’m being taken off the meds I’ve been on for the last six years and prescribed new ones. I’m not looking forward to the transition period over the next few weeks.
It’s another very cold day as spring continues to elude us. The birds have come back and started singing but everything is still frozen. Usually at this time of year I’m starting to be excited about all the spring flowers popping up. I really think for my own mental health and stability I should move to a warmer climate. I should look into that. Until then I have brought spring to my windowsill. I’ve got a pot of white tulips and a pot of daffodils. The piece de resistance is my key lime tree. Just as I finished potting it I read an article about the Mexican drug cartels taking over lime production. Maybe I should buy a whole bunch more and start a lime farm in my tiny living room to ensure my own supply.


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