Day 85: Make a list of things that make you happy

Sometimes when I’m feeling really low it’s hard to even think of a time when I was happy let alone engage in some of the things that make me happy. Today in an effort to help remind me of all the good things in life and to perhaps work on doing more of them, I made a list.

Despite all the technology available I still prefer to make my lists on paper, budget plans, Christmas lists, grocery lists, to do lists.  There is something very satisfactory about writing things down and if applicable, crossing it off when done with it. Although not complete, here is my list thus far:


As a follow up to Saturday’s blog, my new bathing suit arrived yesterday and it is as cute as expected.  Obviously it looks much better on the girl on the website, but that is not surprising. From the same site I also bought myself a fabulous umbrella. It’s gorgeous opened and when being carried makes a pimpin’ cane and you can push elevator buttons like a boss with it. And guess what?!  It’s supposed to be warm enough to rain tomorrow!

Also good news, I am 99.9% sure that my daffodils are going to bloom tomorrow. 


Does anyone else have Windows 8? If so do you tell it to “fuck right off” on a daily basis?

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