Day 86: Try teeth whitening with charcoal

Today is day two of having my anti-depressants cut down in the two week process of getting off of them completely to try new ones. So far I’m not loving the feeling. I do better when I am busy and distracted but times when things are quiet I am more aware of the symptoms I am feeling from the taper down. It kind of feels like I’m laying down with a very big dog sitting on my chest all the time.  It’s not a menacing dog, but still it’s big so it prevents me from taking deep relaxing breathes and I feel a slight panic at all times knowing I couldn’t get up if I wanted too because there’s a big fucking dog sitting on me. I’ve also always got a headache, and feel light headed, and a bit twitchy but other than that things are super great.

Today’s new thing was something I found on Pinterest.  I had never heard of whitening teeth with activated charcoal before but apparently it’s a widely known thing on the internets as per google.  I got a bottle of activated charcoal which comes in capsule format at the health food store for about $10. Here is the link with all the info and pics:

I tried the finger method because I didn’t want to ruin my toothbrush but sadly when I was done I can’t say I noticed that my teeth were any whiter.  My mouth does feel very clean though so that’s a plus. I think part of the problem was I was very concerned with trying not to swallow it so I became all drooly and I think my saliva pool probably diluted the charcoal. In retrospect the concern was probably unfounded given it’s meant to be swallowed. I should probably have used a toothbrush to be more thorough.  I might as well try it again some time since I now have a whole bottle of charcoal capsules.

Looks like I was right….. Awwww yiiiiis.


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