Day 87: try yogurt

If anyone ever asks I will say I don’t like yogurt even though the truth is I’ve never tried it. I’ve been telling myself for so long that I don’t like it that I’ve started to believe it’s a fact. The very smell of yogurt makes me gag and I prefer not to be anywhere within smelling distance for that reason.

This week while standing in the grocery store magazine section (I’m one of those people) I read through an article in psychology today about the potential effect that yogurt had on minimizing depression. In my ongoing quest to try anything to help my depression I thought it was time to try yogurt.

I’m a vegetarian so I do my best to avoid gelatin which is found in most brands of yogurt. I found Liberte had no gelatin and they had a lime flavour. Sucker for citrus, let’s do this! I opened it up and it had this really gross skin/film around the edges. I stirred it and it looked really foul. I made the mistake of smelling it. Gag. Tasting time. Oh god it tasted just like it smelled. Gag. I do not like yogurt.


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