Day 88: Learn to embroider

When I visited my friend’s sewing shop last week I picked myself up a beginners embroidery kit. I have actually embroidered once before. I was about 11 and in family studies we made denim pencil cases with Velcro seal and our names chain stitched on the front.  After all these years I still remember the chain stitch even though I haven’t used it since then.

Here is the kit I got which actually wasn’t much of a kit because I had to get the hoop and needles separately.


Here it is opened up. The instructions didn’t actually show any of the four stitches used so I had to go online. Look at my scissors, aren’t they sweet?  I bought them at an antique fair a few years ago for $5.


Here we are part way through:Image

This has taken me a VERY LONG time.  I don’t know what time I started but I’ve been listening to vinyl and I’ve had time to listen to The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Billie Holiday, Jefferson Airplane AND Bob Marley.  Here’s what I’ve finished:


It’s not good, but it’s not complete shit. I started on the whiskey around the time that Bob Marley started so slothy sloth will have to wait for another day to fulfill his sloth dreams and be turned into a stuffy.

On another note my window sill garden is doing very well.


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