Day 91: Buy a video game

Today was supposed to be go jogging.  I got up this morning and for a very brief moment felt inspired to get outside, get my heart rate up and feel happy.  I put on my workout clothes and promptly sat on the couch on the computer while someone was here fixing a broken tile. After they left I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and it was about 10am so I thought it was half lunch so pizza pockets were the answer.  Two of them, followed by ah caramels which I rationalized the need for a sugar boost to get me going.  I couldn’t jog on a full stomach so I sat down and watched some episodes of Parks and Recreation.  Then I fell asleep for three hours. I woke up feeling anxious for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  I finally made it outside but it was a walk and not a jog. Baby steps.

On to today’s sub in new thing: buy a video game. I have bought games before I guess, a Gameboy which I saved up for an entire summer to get and over the years I accumulated quite a few games for it. I actually liked my Gameboy and played it often.  When the playstation first came out I bought that too but games had lost their lustre to me and it mostly just sat around collecting dust. Aside from rollercoaster tycoon and some Egyptian empire game that I forget the name of I’ve never played PC games.  They really just didn’t interest me at all until I saw Goat Simulator.  They had me at the title alone and then I saw the trailer and knew we were meant to be together. The creators donate 10% of their profits to a charity which provides video games to children’s hospitals and the game was only $10. Sadly though I cant get the game to work and have had to email their ninjas for help. LOADING……..

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