Day 93: try a new product

Okay, so I forgot about my blog until now and put in no thought to today whatsoever.
I was fairly busy; saw my doctor and psychiatrist for a consult, did loot bag shopping for my sons birthday party, present shopping, ate lunch out and let my kids teach me how to play go fish (son: what do you mean you don’t know how to play go fish?! You’ve been to a casino before haven’t you?) and now I am about to begin laundry for the first time in three weeks. My hamper looked like it vomited all over my closet floor.
So with that here is today’s new product sample: Cheetos Mix-up. I was more exited to see this in store than anyone should be about a snack product.
Those cheesy sphere waffles? Not good. My official review is this:
Self loathing
Buyers remorse
Sore tummy 😦


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