Day 95: Enhance your brain

I downloaded the Lumosity app for my iphone because I thought my brain could use a train.  I got the free version which thankfully doesn’t run any ads but some games are locked so there isn’t full access. It causes me a low grade level of panic at all times because I try to go very fast with my answers which sometimes messes me up. It makes a nice noise every time you get a correct answer which is very satisfying. It is actually fun, except for any that involve math questions because those increase my level of panic from low to oh god I hate this why? Why?! Good game, I recommend.

I have failed to thank everyone who over the past couple of weeks have shared kind words, checked in on me regularly, taken me grocery shopping, asked how I was, made me laugh and cooked me dinner. Your support is very much appreciated. Today is day four of my new meds and I THINK I might be feeling a bit better.  The anxiety is still present but I no longer seem to be functioning at depressed zombie level so YAY!

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