Day 96: Join a gym

Well I’ve finally done it, I joined a gym today. I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with a workouts ability to improve mood and increase energy.  Knowing that and following through with actually doing it are two very different things however. I’ve thought about joining a gym again for awhile now but for whatever reason (laziness I’d say) I’ve avoided it. It would be nice to be naturally happier, have more energy and maybe not have to fight with my trousers every morning. Fucking skinny jeans.

I had a lot of reservations about going to a bigger gym for their known sales tactics and because I tend to find them intimidating. I went into one of those gyms today and was pleasantly surprised by their lack of “administration fees” and mandatory fitness tests. There was one price and it was actually reasonable. I will never find a gym as cheap as the one I went to several years ago which was $26/month but I did find a hamster sleeping behind one of the machines once and they did get out of business.

Now that I’ve joined I’m going to need to figure out someway to listen to music… carrying my phone around is not ideal. Maybe an ipod shuffle? I don’t know. God, now I have to go to the gym. What have I done?!

2 thoughts on “Day 96: Join a gym

  1. Hehehe I was just thinking of the Friends episode where Chandler says “I wanna quit true gym” while they try and get him to stay with attractive women 🙂

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