Day 97: Buy a sports bra and wear it to the gym like a motherfucking rockstar

I’ve never owned a sports bra before. Even when I went to hamster gym a couple years ago I wore my regular (aka push and pad the fuck up) bras. Sure, my boobs looked great but afterwards the bra was soaked layers deep in smelly sweat and ranked up the laundry hamper all week.

I didn’t have any workout clothes, I’m not a tshirt gal so it’s not like I had any old ones of those laying around…. except my purple Queen shirt. I made a trip to Sport Check and tried to find as many things on sale as I could.  Dayum underarmour you ‘spensive!  I skipped that section. It’s not as though these clothes absorb and transfer your sweat into spools of gold or anything. In hindsight perhaps Old Navy would have sufficed.

My workout was a success and I feel great.  The bra was very comfy and left me only with minimal boob pocket sweat.  I can’t imagine all the sweat a man’s junk must gather during a workout. Everything must just stick together in a smelly sticky wad.

I know it’s only my first workout so I can’t judge but I really liked it and now feel energized.  There was a girl there wearing an I heart Poutine t shirt that I think should be my new best friend.

Today was the first day I went without having to take the benzodiazepines my Dr. prescribed me to help ease the transition from my old meds to my new ones.


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