Day 98: visit a Canadian forces recruitment centre

I like my current job very much but thought today I’d explore some other options. For several of my high school years I had decided that I was going to be in the military but finally decided after hearing about the early mornings and short showers that it wasn’t for me. I was a teenager after all and sleeping and long showers were very important to me. Actually they still are.

I sat down with a recruiter to discuss some of my areas of interest however I lacked the educational requirement for those positions. I am not interested enough in them to return to school for several years, nor would it be financially feasible. There were however some part time opportunities which would allow me to maintain my current job. Some of those seemed interesting and I will consider.

I went to the gym again today and as the hours go by I am becoming increasingly sore. I guess that means I did something right. How late is too late to nap? I’m tired too.

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