Day 100: little unimportant things

Day 100: i didn’t go all out that’s for sure, in fact I didn’t give it a second thought until now while I’m laying early in bed on account of not sleeping well last night. Here’s what I did:

Stop a rape: okay, it was a cat rape but still.

Push my dog down the stairs: this was an accident and I feel terrible about it. I was pushing her away from the door with my foot because she was barking at someone who knocked. Before I knew it she started rolling and just didn’t stop until she got to the bottom. She seems fine but I feel guilty so I’m letting her sleep wherever she wants tonight.

Tell off some teenagers: they took a school sign down to use as a ramp for their skateboards. I asked them to stop and they did and seemed surprisingly polite. I went back later and they had drawn a giant cock and balls on the sign.

Created monopoly addicts: I introduced my kids to monopoly and now they want to play it all the time. There is a mid-way played game to return to tomorrow morning as one of the players fell asleep on her money pile.

Drink alone in the middle of the day: just kidding, not my first time doing that.

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