Day 107: attend two visitations

I’ve never been in a situation before where I was expected to attend both visitations for a person who has died. I’m usually the one doing the visiting since I’ve never been this close to the person who has died before.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a couple drinks before the first visitation.  It was an afternoon of talking to people I had never met or hadn’t seen in many years.  There was a lot of “I haven’t seen you since you were this high” (insert waist height hand position here) comments. Making conversation with and accepting condolences from people you don’t know is uncomfortable and downright unpleasant.

When the first visitation was over we went for lunch where I had another rather large drink. There was enough time to go home, fall asleep for 10 minutes then get ready to do it all over again. The evening visitation was much better for me because I had friends that came so I had people to talk to without it being awkward with the exception of my aunt and her questionable mental health who periodically interrupted us and sang.

An impromptu prayer circle broke out and I took that opportunity to leave the room. I’m old enough to do that now, when I was younger I would have been pulled into that circle of crazy.

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