Day 108: Take a doggie bag from a funeral

I didn’t used to understand the concept of having food after a funeral.  I used to think it was disrespectful and gross that people could even consider eating after thinking about and possibly seeing a dead person. Now I understand that people often travel from far away to get to a funeral and are probably hungry.  It’s also a time to talk to family and friends that you may not have seen in awhile….. plus who doesn’t love food?!

Being close family I had to stay to the end of the reception afterwards and we all looked on at what was leftover.  My grandma is a frugal lady and would not have paid food wasted so out came the to-go containers for us to pack up what we wanted.  I can’t say I hesitated long before taking a whole bunch of fruit.  I could eat fresh pineapple until my tongue tingles.

Free Funeral Fruit!


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