Day 112: Get naked in a public change room

This might seem like a normal thing for someone who grew up playing sports but that person was not me.  I remember as a child going to the public pools and being curious/horrified at all the saggy wrinkly boobs just walking around liked they owned the place. These ladies were getting in the shower and soaping themselves like nobody’s business. They didn’t care at all.  It’s not even like it was brief either, they would walk around and sometimes even dry their hair naked.

I didn’t grow up in a naked house either.  You know the ones where the parents just don’t care and parade around naked in front of the kids.

Today was the day I planned to change in the change room.  It was a big step and I remember thinking to myself “here we go”. I picked a spot close to the door where there was the most traffic, not purposely but that’s the only spot that was left.  I didn’t see anyone else naked at that particular moment so I was going to be the star of this naked girl party. I had to consciously make an effort to seem casual and not rushed or uncomfortable.  I’m worried in my attempts to be casual  I might have actually paused a little longer than I should have. I practically had my leg on the bench and started doing lunges.  It felt like it anyway. I think it went well and I’ll try it again. You are welcome girls!


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