Day 118: don’t rely on anyone else to make you happy

Today was another shitty day and I swore a lot.
Although I know this, I needed a reminder today of the importance of making yourself happy. When you rely on someone else for happiness you leave yourself open for disappointment and sadness. No one should have that kind of power over you. I’m going to need to keep repeating it to myself though because I seem to be a slow learner.
Tonight I was supposed to be at a beginners sewing class making a pillow but I just couldn’t do it. I cancelled.
In the spirit of embracing the positives I will skip over the shitty parts and talk only about the better parts.
1. I looked fabulous
2. At a meeting this afternoon a manager which I don’t really know or particularly like asked me my last name and then told me I was smart and she was going to stick with me.
3. I ate Taco Bell.
4. I’m watching bobs burgers and I plan on falling asleep on the couch


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