Day 123: Give away my wedding dress

My wedding dress has spent the last 12 years moving from house to house living in a plastic bin in the basement. I’m not sure why I’ve kept it around for so long.  I know people say you should save them for your daughter but really what are the chances that she will be the exact same size as me, and even if she is would it be something she would actually want to wear?  Probably not. I did bring it out though so she could try it on and we did a photo shoot for her to remember the occasion by. I thought about putting it on myself (because who doesn’t love looking like a princess?!) but it would have been much like stuffing sausage in a casing so I didn’t bother trying. 

I took it to a community centre downtown that has a food bank and a clothing room where everything is free if you need it.  Hopefully it will make someone else’s day. Even if someone just takes it and sells it I wouldn’t mind because chances are they need the money more than I do. 

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