Day 125: read old diaries

This is yesterday’s post because I was feeling shitty last night and couldn’t be bothered.
I kept a diary for most of high school, some college and a few random entries from adulthood. The entries from high school are completely ridiculous and it was hard not to cringe. The adulthood ones I didn’t want to read because some of it’s a bit unpleasant and too real for me.
For your entertainment and my embarrassment I give you a few random selections. (Names changed obviously)

“Today in art I got to correct Ferdinand’s test. He didn’t do very well but who cares about the stupid colour wheel.”

“Ferdinand looked really good today. He was wearing a lack Buffalo t-shirt, blue jams and a white dukes hat. I saw his eyes up close, there really nice green-blue.”

“Chloe is always having cows over nothing”

“While we were gone my mom asked Bridgette to watch my fish. When I came back he had hardly any water and what he did have was dirty. Now he’s dead. And I know she did it.”

” today Philip wore black and white stripes and a necklace. When I walked by he put his hand trough his hair. Ahh! He’s so awesome!!!!!!!”

” well I have a new coat it’s suede it’s got big coloured stripes and a hood. Philip has a purple suede coat with a hood 2! I can’t believe we have so much in commun!”

” the pet store is a great way to meet sweet, sensitive and cute guys”

1994 was boring and I didn’t start writing again until 1997. It gets too explicit then and I don’t think anyone could handle it 🙂

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