Day 127: Part 2!!!!!!

Two posts in one day WHAT?!!!!

I saw a lot of people today all because of slight changes I made in my day. Because I started my morning at the jail I left at a different time and walked a different way.  First I saw the homeless guy that’s usually on my corner out and about living life so we chatted a bit, then I saw a friend’s husband go by on his bike. On my way home I walked out a different door and saw some co-workers I haven’t seen in months.  I’ve never done this before but I stopped by a friend’s office on the way home to say hello and while I was there I saw two other people I knew. I left there and took my usual route home but I was behind schedule which caused me to walk by a girl I see every morning on our way to work.  I call her Mags, we talk now in the mornings but this was the first time I’ve ever seen her on my way home. We chatted for a bit and then I saw a guy I know from doing construction work around my building. 

If I hadn’t changed my day I wouldn’t have seen any of those people.  It was a real delight to see so many people that I knew and have pleasant but brief interactions with them.  Butterfly wings flapping everywhere today.

Now let’s all please take a moment to remember and appreciate this video:

Cocaine: not even once. 

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