Day 128: go out with people from work

Today started off great, warm and sunny. Lots of Jehovahs out and about quite early but they can be easily dodged or lied to. That should be a video game, “Jehovah dodge”. They’re always nicely dressed, kind and obviously motivated though so good for them.

Last week I made plans with some people from work to go out tonight. The invite went to our whole team and I knew which ones would decline. I did take great enjoyment out of hearing the various excuses from people as to why they couldn’t go. There are at least six of us going and they’re people I’ve not gone out with before. I am surprisingly not freaking out or feeling the need to make up my own excuse. I did learn this morning of one person who invited themselves along. Given the group I think it’s going to feel awfully worky so I’ll monitor my wine intake accordingly. Although my day was pretty crazy so I may just say fuck it and order a bottle to drink in the street out of a bag, we’ll see.

Yesterday the weather said today was going to be 26 And sunny but now that today’s here it’s 22 with showers. Meteorology must be the only career at which you can make mistakes every single day and still keep your job.

Not only am I going out with new people but were going to several places. Dinner first, then some art gallery openings, bars and then if we feel so inclined a band. I may skip the band part though. Hard to say, let’s see how the evening rolls out shall we? We shall.

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