Day 129: Hold a baby squirrel

Friday night ended up being a fantastic time with the people from work. The street we visited was filled and it was amazing for me to see all these great bars, galleries and shops that I had never noticed before. The city in which I reside is not well known for it’s diversity but one evening out on this street was a great reminder of how diverse it really is. We saw some others from work, people in local politics, punks, hipsters, kids, seniors, gay, straight, you name it they were there.

Now on to Saturdays squirrel.  My son found a baby squirrel last week that was in poor condition and clearly abandoned by it’s mother so my neighbour took it in and has been caring for it.  It’s too small to go to a wildlife rehabilitation centre as it needs to be fed with a dropper.  It eats puppy formula about every three hours and needs to be kept warm. He’s a darling little thing and if I had a beard I would let him nuzzle up and live there forever.  His future is to be determined as it still needs to be seen if he gains a fear of predators and survival skills. 

Here he is climbing with my neighbour: 



Here he is curled up and sleeping in my hands.  Please don’t judge my dirty fingernails, I was gardening.


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