Day 131: watch a hockey game. On purpose. Because you actually want to.

What? Who am I? I don’t like sports, why would I choose this?! Maybe I like it for the people and how excited they get at playoff time. People get really passionate about it and love to talk and heckle each other. I like that. It’s also nice to watch something different too. I needed a break from my “house of cards”, “bobs burgers”, orange is the new black” and “the L word” rotation.

It’s also nice to sit with a glass of
Champagne after a long day. It seems more socially acceptable to drink on a Monday night when you’re watching sports. Today was another crazy day at work and I need to not think about it. At the end of my day I thought I saw a client of mine outside the clinic and I was about to say hi when I remembered it couldn’t be her because I found at last week she died. And then I was sad. Again. It really did look like her, I could picture her turning around and having a huge friendly smile on her face. Fuck, I wish I hadn’t thought about it again.
Go team!!

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