Day 134: Buy a really expensive sex toy

I suppose really expensive is a relative term, but to me it was expensive. I hadn’t planned on stopping in a sex shop but as it was approaching I just decided to go in. I was browsing with no particular item in mind when I remembered my beloved Fukuoku from about 10 years ago.  At the time it cost about $50, was purple and pretty damn amazing. It’s been dead a long time.  I set out in search of one.  The girls in the store were probably about 9 when it came out and had no idea what I was talking about but directed me to something similar. The something similar looked cheap and bulky but for lack of other options I decided to get it.  As I was walking to the counter I saw it.  It was sitting in a locked glass cabinet bathed in light.  The we-vibe 4. I’d first seen one several years ago at a sex toy party and had heard great things.  I didn’t get it though because it was just too expensive. I’m a sucker for quality things and nice packaging so I was drawn in.


  • fully submersible under water    
  • remote control
  • rechargeable (no cords, charges magnetically)
  • 1 year warranty
  • can be used solo or with a friend
  • multiple settings
  • small


  • $180
  • I may never leave my place again

Well, the pros column was longer so I bought it. Now that I’m on the interwebs I’ve seen that the Fukuoku is alive and well on amazon.  Redesigned and cheaper. The we-vibe 4 is also cheaper online than in store however you can’t put a price on instant gratification. Here is a review of the product:

And now I’m going to try it (alone) …………………………..

My review:

If you’re relatively young, lube is not required so don’t bother. After what seemed like a long time I pulled the we-vibe out and flipped it upside down because I had more control over the angle and pressure and once I did that things got pretty awesome.  That means that if you plan on only using this solo, save yourself 1/7th of the cost and get a Fukuoku instead. Unless of course you like the idea of a romantic evening for one with a glass of wine, a bubble bath and the completely submersible we-vibe. The different settings were pointless to me, I want full on steady vibe and nothing else.  At first I didn’t see much point in the various speeds either because I like it on high but if you’re a greedy bitch like me it’s nice to turn it down lower between those multiple orgasms for a bit of a break. While I do still think it’s very expensive I must say that when I finally got up I was incapable of walking in a straight line and you can’t put a dollar value on that. 

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