Day 145: eat for the week on social assistance rates

Today marks the beginning of five days of eating based on social assistance rates. A single person in ontario (Canada) is eligible to receive up to $626/month for food and accommodations. My hypothetical accommodation is a room in a rooming house for $450/month. I have an absentee landlord and roommates that are loud and steal. I’m setting aside $10 for five bus tickets for the month…. I’ll be doing a lot of walking. I don’t have cable or a phone. That leaves me with $166 for the month. I’m assuming I have no pet to feed and don’t need any toiletries (maybe I’ll steal from my roommates?!) . In a 31 day month that gives me $5.35/day or $26.77 for five days. I knew with that I wouldn’t get much at my usual grocery store so I reluctantly went to walmart. Here is what I ended up with:


My bill:


I probably should have skipped the orange juice but I really love orange juice. I spent about half of what I normally would on my Tropicana. The pre sliced cheese also seems frivolous but it was only three cents more than the tiny little brick of cheese. Much carbs, so fatty, wow!

I didn’t have breakfast and I noticed a distinct lack of snacks when I tried to get food together to take to work. I ended up with two pizza pops. About 20 minutes after eating my lunch I went into a huge panic attack. I’m actually not sure if it was a panic attack or if I was suffering from cardiac arrest from eating 24g of fat.

This elegant feast was dinner.


The macaroni was fine but the vegetables were foul. I dislike frozen vegetables they get very mushy when cooked. I feel fat and gross even though I didn’t really eat that much. I still have about $4 for the week. One of my clients told me about dollar days at a local discount grocery store and I got really excited. Apparently for two dollars I could get a package of strawberries. I don’t want to spend it yet though because it’s still early. Mmmm strawberries. Oh wait, for $2 they’re not going to be organic. If you’re going to only buy one organic item it should be strawberries. That tip is free. You’re welcome.

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