Day 146: social assistance food week day 2

It’s been two days and I already hate it.  I really like carbs a lot but this is just too much.  Breakfast was two pieces of white bread toast with cheese on it and lunch was last night’s dinner leftovers.  I feel disgusting after every time I eat. I go through the cycle of eat, feel gross, get hungry. REPEAT. I was so tired of carbs that I opened up my can of peaches and had a bowl of peaches for dinner.  I’m worried that I only have half a can left and three days to go. 

I saw a psychiatrist today that coincidentally I have actually seen before. Several months ago I did a presentation to a group of doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she was in the audience, and now here we are.  What fun! Psychiatrists and counsellors don’t tend to book me follow up appointments because the reality is I’m very aware of my mental health issues, causes and theoretical treatment options. The only part I’m missing is the knowledge and ability to prescribe myself medication. And so with no further psychiatry appointments scheduled, I’d like to welcome Effexor to my medicine cabinet, I hope we will be good to each other. 

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