Day 147: Day 3 of eating on social assistance rates

I feel like a complete cheat today.  Last night I went out with a friend who brought me some delicious leftovers which I ate for lunch today.  Throughout the day a couple people offered to buy food for me and to be honest it was embarrassing and I felt like a charity case.  Even though I really wanted that fresh fruit cup and bagel I said no thanks.  Even though I’m only faking it this week (I do in fact have money for food) I still felt like I wanted to push away people’s help because I didn’t want anyone to feel badly for me.  I can’t imagine what it must feel like to actually be on social assistance and feel like a charity case.  For those who are always kind to those in need, thank you but please remember to be gracious so you don’t end up making people feel worse about their situation than they already do. Tonight I went to an event with free food and drinks so I made that my dinner…. and I was given the leftover wine and fancy cheeses!  The reality is for those who are on social assistance, you survive how ever you can.  If that means accepting food when someone offers you do it.  If that means frequenting places with free food, you do it.  I am fortunate to have friends that offer me leftovers and to buy me food but not everyone is so lucky.

Now let’s talk about my morning as it was an eventful one.  And by talk I mean I type and you read. On my way to work I saw a small bird fly into a garbage truck and land on the roadway stunned.  Although they saw it happen the guys in the garbage truck clearly had no intentions of stopping so I went out into four lanes of traffic during rush hour and escorted the wee stunned bird to safety.  You’re welcome wee bird and thank you to all the cars that stopped for me. Mid-walk I passed a man who stared directly at my boobs and tipped his hat to them without once looking away.  Next I walked passed Mags.  For those who don’t remember Mags, please see Day 127: Part 2   My conversation with Mags went as follows: 

Mags: Do you work at (insert name of my office here)?

Me: Yes, how did you know that?

Mags: I used to work there awhile ago, I remember you.

Me: Oh really?  

Mags: Yes I was a file clerk.  I probably shouldn’t tell you this but (insert name of one of my current clients) is my sister. I don’t work there anymore because it was a conflict for me.

Me in my head:  Dammit Mags!  Now I’m going to have to not be any friendlier with you and may have to consider a new route to work. 


Tonight I locked myself out for the first time. In my search for my keys I slowly took items out of my purse and before I knew it I was sitting on the sidewalk beside a bottle of wine, box of crackers, pair of shoes, book, wallet, passport and various other girlie items. I think I need a smaller purse…. and maybe an extra set of keys.

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