Day 148: Day 4 of social assistance eating

Thursday’s breakfast was non existent and lunch was more leftovers that a friend had given me. It gets pretty mundane with only a few options to choose from.  Dinner last night was beans on toast which I actually like eating.  Normally I would have cut up some vegetarian sausages to put in the beans but those didn’t fit into the budget. If I was really on social assistance I could have visited the food bank which is the citizens response to a failed government system. The problem with food banks is though that you can only visit once a/month and it involves lining up early for hours if you actually want to get something. Food bank’s supply depends on donations which often come from corporations and include things like no name cookies and pasta, not exactly healthy body fuel. If you are in a position to donate to a food bank, cash is best because they can buy in bulk to stretch the dollar and can buy things in need. If you would prefer to donate actual items things like baby formula and food and pet food are always good options.  People tend to put their children (rightfully so) and pets before themselves. If you’re a farmer (urban or otherwise) and have unused produce, please consider connecting with a food bank to offer your wares.  Fresh produce is hard to come by in a food bank and could also be used same day by the cooks in a soup kitchen. 


If you’re not already listening to Jillian Banks (BANKS), you should be. 

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