Day 149: final day of social assistance eating

Thank god it’s over!!!!! No breakfast again today, and lunch was too pizza pops. Without breakfast and morning snacks by the time lunch rolls around I’m starving and inhale whatever rubbish the day brings. Today was the last two pizza pops. Dinner was pasta and toast. The pasta sauce wasn’t too horrible, just a little sweet. If I had herbs and veg it wouldn’t have been so bad. I’m soon to finish the last bit of peaches. Since three of my meals this week were given to me I haven’t touched the perogies and still have a box of Mac and cheese left. Some leftover beans, frozen veg and leftover pasta. Maybe I could have bought slightly less and picked up a vegetable or two. Mmm or maybe apple sauce. I like apple sauce. Regardless, eating out was completely out of the question as was anything fresh and healthy. I’m glad to have it come to an end and have gained further respect for those who are surviving this way.

On a positive note, today was mortgage renewal day. The bank sent a letter a few months ago offering a 3.5 interest rate. I didn’t bite and sure enough they offered a better deal. Old rate was 4.7 and the new rate as of today is 2.9. That ends up cutting the mortgage payment by $202/month. Awwww yisss.

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