Day 150: watch game of thrones

First let me begin by talking about sleep. Since my Zoloft has been Weened down to almost non existent, my love affair with sleep has been rekindled. We find each other every night around 10pm again and enjoy our company for many straight hours. The joy of naps has also resumed again with great passion. I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it is to be wearing a thin flowy dress and to lie down in the afternoon with the windows open and birds chirping. The warm breeze flips up your dress and lightly laps against your legs. You fall asleep gently and deeply with amazing dreams and wake up to a still beautiful day left to enjoy. Mmmm sleep I’ve missed you so.

On to game of thrones. Apparently I like to jump on bandwagons a little behind the rest of the world. I have the whole series of books and I read quite a good bit of the first one. The problem I had was that I was reading it A bit at a time which made it difficult to keep tract of all the names and who was related to who. And the books are huge! Have you seen them? Really big! I quit reading them and now they sit on my bookshelf as a daily reminder that I quit them. I’ve finally watched the first episode. I don’t know why the characters in every midevilish show must speak with an English accent when they’re not in England. The show is a visually stunning boob parade of incest. I quite liked it.

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