Day 153: Learn to tune a guitar

I was gifted a guitar about a year and a half ago when I was feeling really shitty and depressed.  It was given to me in hopes that it would help me regain some sort of interest in something because as you know when you’re depressed your interests include napping and staring at walls. Even though it’s very simple and basic I quite enjoyed picking it out and liked that it was made in Canada ( ).  It got a very small amount of attention from me.  I liked the idea of it and knowing how to play but the reality is as an adult you really need to commit yourself to learning a new skill and I just wasn’t committed. It has sat in corners and moved house once in that time. 

Today I brought it out of it’s case and felt a little sad for it.  It hasn’t been fulfilling it’s musical dreams. Sometimes I feel sad for inanimate objects. When it’s time to replace something (house, car, phone etc) I always feel badly for the one left behind as though it’s sad that it’s being abandoned. 

Today I’ve brought the guitar a little bit of happiness.  I went online and found a guitar tuner site ( ) It is actually very easy but despite that I was pretty fucking impressed with myself afterward. After conquering tuning I thought I shouldn’t quit there so I went on to youtube ( ) and learned an E and A chord.  Also quite easy although somehow less satisfying. I am quite hungry now though so I’m going to call this a success and return the happy guitar to it’s case.  I don’t know if I’ll actually take it out again and learn to play though, we’ll see.  Partially because I’m lazy and partially because I’d have to cut my fingernails and I really like how my long fingernails feel when I scratch my skin.

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