Day 154: try my first tequila shot and keep a hat I found in the street

I chose a work night to try my first tequila shot. I’ve always wanted to try one and had the best laid plans with someone once to do them, but things don’t always work out as we plan. I had a margarita chaser ready and waiting but that lemon at the end really makes it all pretty great pretty quick. I’m not good at doing shots but I think I could be good at tequila shots. Not sure if proud or ashamed.


So I saw this great hat laying in the street. I don’t make it a habit to keep things I find on the street. I don’t think I’ve ever done it before actually but this hat was so fucking awesome I couldn’t help myself. Don’t worry though, I have a two pronged approach for making it habitible. Stage one: place hat in a plastic bag and out in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. This will kill anything that might be living in the hat. Stage two: wash the hat harder than anything you’ve ever washed before. I have no regrets, I have an awesome hat in my freezer.


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