Day 156: consider an alternative lifestyle

And by alternative I don’t mean joining a nudist commune or religious sect. Although now that I think of it, those would make for some great stories and new experiences. My ex spouse ( I really don’t know what to call him; person with whom I made forever vows with then decided ….mmmm better not? Baby daddy?) through out an idea last week for me to think about. He suggested that we section off part of the house to allow me my own space with it’s own entrance. We would need to share the kitchen and the bathroom that has a shower. We would remain separated but live under the same roof. This would give us more financial freedom and help us to pay down some of the massive amount of debt that we have. It would also make co-parenting much easier. Initially the whole idea struck me as strange. Could you imagine the family dinners? “This is mom’s special friend Phillip” ( this is my go to make believe man name) “and this is dad’s special friend sugartits” (I’m sorry Sindee with an S and two e’s. I’m sure you’re a very nice person and are totally not a stripper) what open minded children we would have!

And while this scenario is not common it doesn’t mean it couldn’t work. I know of couples who are exclusively married but each maintain their own apartment. Again not a common scenario but you need to do what works best for you and your family. It doesn’t matter if people agree with your choices or not.
“Mom how long will you be living here?”
” As long as it takes for sugartits to buy mommy out of her half of the equity in the house darling. And please tell Sindee that mommy doesn’t accept payment in singles”

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