Day 158: Practice moderation, for once. (OITNB episode 1 and 2 mild spoilers)

You’re welcome for that warning by the way.  I’m a good person.

I tend to overindulge/obsess over things sometimes.  Yesterday it was booze plus. Sometimes it’s things, or people. I actually don’t think I had ever realized this about myself before until I started writing this. 

Lately my overindulgence/obsession has been about binge watching tv shows I like. This was never a problem before the internets. I find something I like, I watch it obsessively and then get sad when it’s over. When season 4 of Arrested Development came out on Netflix last year, myself and some friends took the day off work and watched the full season.  It was actually a bit too much and I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.  I did however watch Game of Thrones season 1 this week.  That is 10 hours of my life spent watching one show in one week.

Orange is the New Black season 2 came out on Netflix on Friday. I read somewhere that the majority of bandwidth usage on Friday in North America was from people watching that show.  Surprisingly I didn’t watch any on Friday OR Saturday.  I think I consciously tried to wait a little.  I have just finished episode 1 and midway through I had decided that the show was not going to be as good and I was mad.  Chicago?  Really?!  All new characters?  I just don’t think so, I can’t meet any new people right now. Thankfully it got better in the end which of course led me to watch episode 2.  Groupon dicks?  Finally! But no more, I must pace myself. Moderation is key. 

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