Day 159: Drawing on the right side of the brain

Today I felt as though I was being testing by some higher power about my ability to tolerate stupidity. I was tested several times in fact and I’m not convinced I passed.  While I will spare you most of the horrifyingly painful details I simply must share at least a part of one encounter.

I heard  a knock at our keypass locked door so I answered and someone I have met before from another office appeared and was staring blankly at me.

me: “hello”

them: *blank stare*

me:  “hello”

them: *blank stare* “Um. Do we have a meeting now?”

me: “no”

them: “Am I in the right office?”

me: ” I don’t know.  Where are you supposed to be?”

them: “I don’t know.”

me: “I’m sorry I don’t know how to help you.”

At times like these I am amazed that some people not only have the ability to keep themselves alive but also to maintain employment. I feel badly for thinking it but the fact that they’ve made it to adulthood is really quite remarkable. I couldn’t help but think of the Refreshments 1996 super awesome hit “Banditos”.  If you aren’t familiar, I’m so sorry.  Please learn all the words immediately.

Unfortunately the train left intelligence station for the rest of the afternoon. I was once a patient person but I grow old and tired.  I needed to do something calming to get them all out of my head this evening.  For me that meant putting on my Jefferson Airplane record and pulling out my Drawing on the right side of the brain book.  For those unfamiliar, it’s been around since the late seventies and the exercises in the book are meant to train you to work with the right side (read creative) instead of the left side (read logical) of the brain. The focus is on process and not the end result.  It promotes a different way of thinking and seeing things which after much practice is supposed to help you be a better and more creative artist.  That book has been sitting unused in a drawer for many many years and it was time to bring a little joy to it’s dark life. The exercise I chose was to look at a picture upside down and to copy that picture upside down.  The point of having it be upside down is to help you focus on the lines themselves and not what the lines form together to create in the end.  Here it is upside down and then when I was done flipped over the right way.







Well it’s official. My dude is FUCKED UP!

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