Day 161: Do a crossword puzzle

Last week on my walk to work I passed a hipster who had printed off a poster size crossword puzzle and was asking random people who walked by to fill in an answer. I talked to him for a few minutes but only because I wanted to scan the clues to see if I actually knew any of the answers.  I felt under pressure (try and not sing that song line) and didn’t know any of the clues I looked at.  Crossword puzzles are HARD!  Maybe if it was the tv guide crossword I would have been more successful. 

I can imagine the satisfaction that one gets from completing a crossword puzzle must be great so I thought I’d give it a go.  I googled “crossword puzzles for moderately intelligent people”.  How is that not a thing internet?!  Someone needs to get to work on that. Saddened I tried “easy crossword puzzles”. I’ve settled on Reader’s Digest Interactive Crossword puzzle of the day because let’s be honest, no geniuses are reading the Reader’s Digest (sorry grandma). I’ve had to turn off my music for maximum devotion to the task.  Let’s do this brain! Oh shit, I just realized it’s timing me the whole time I’ve been writing this…… I’m going to start again, that’s not fair. 

Well, it’s not true.  Geniuses read the Reader’s Digest.  After 20 minutes I could only complete half of the puzzle.  It’s kind enough to change your letter to red if it’s wrong so I could have solved it all eventually by guessing but that’s cheating.  I should have searched for the tv guide crossword puzzle after all. That was very unsatisfying.

I should change the title to “TRY to do a crossword puzzle”. Seems like a lot of work though so I won’t.

7 thoughts on “Day 161: Do a crossword puzzle

      1. Now that’s funny . . . coming from a woman who calls her husband’s GF ‘SugarTits’😉

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