Day 162: Buy a drum

I have developed a strong distaste for the weather network.  Today’s forecast was low 20’s and rain so I brought my super awesome umbrella and wore a short sleeve sweater and skinny jeans.  It turned out to be sunny and 32 and so another day ended with me peeling off all my clothes the moment I walked in the door and standing naked in front of the air conditioner.  The problem with walking around my place naked is that every time I do my cat builds up speed then parkours off my ass. Not cool Super Nibs. Not cool.

I have wanted to buy a Djembe for quite awhile now.  I’ve never owned one but I’ve played one quite a few times when I have co-facilitated music therapy groups. I’m not particularly good at it but it’s always fun and relaxing.  I went to a couple places but the large one I wanted was $189 and that’s just not okay so I didn’t buy one.  I ended up buying a much smaller and cheaper double-headed drum which will have to do me for now. 


I also kind of sort of bought another new dress. It’s really cute and was only $35 so I couldn’t resist! It’s wrinkled after spending the afternoon shoved in the bottom of my purse. I also need to start taking more clear phone pics because this is another one full of potatoes.


And now I’m going to play my drum along with the opening credits of game of thrones because I’m cool like that.

I’m updating this post because I just remembered a dream I had last night that was really awesome. I applied for and got a job as the marketing and sales director for Joe Fresh clothing and was taken out to dinner in NYC with Matt Damon. While we were waiting for our table the servers scanned our brains and then after the meal we were brought out a 3D copy of our brains made out of chocolate for dessert.
The Joe fresh part of the dream was probably because a co-worker yesterday told me that’s where she got the pants she was wearing. The unattainable job part was because I was talking to someone about a job interview for something that I was unqualified for. I can’t explain the Matt Damon or chocolate brain parts though.

3 thoughts on “Day 162: Buy a drum

  1. I like this. You take selfies like I do. Except yours have tits. I don’t see the potatoes though.

    So, did you treat the homeless guy to a round of golf?

    1. I often forget that not everyone spends as much time on imgur as I do. Potatoes means it’s a bad/fuzzy picture. I should start carrying a club and ball with me for my walks! You might be a smart ass but you’ve got good ideas 🙂

      1. Trust me, I have lots of really bad ideas too.😉

        But I’ll try to be a good boy and not bring those up.

        Have a great afternoon/evening/night whatever it is wherever you are. And thanks for the reminder about dreams. Foolishly I never reset my 4 AM alarm, so this morning, while I was having some sort of dream, the dang alarm went off. And of course when I crawled outta’ bed a few hours later, I could no longer remember any of the dreams.

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