Day 163: Find an abandoned mini-putt

This is the second time I’m writing this post because my internet is being a complete DICK!!!!!

Today’s post was going to be titled: Day 163: Teach a basic photography class. This still happened however the abandoned mini-putt find is far more interesting. There is a trail by my work that I walk on at least once a week over my lunch hour. It feels like you’re in the forest rather than in the middle of an urban downtown setting. I have no idea where the trail even goes actually because I’ve never had time to walk far enough. I’ve been on the trail countless times over the years and have been scared off by snakes and eaten wild raspberries with a homeless man.

The trail has several small break-off paths along the way. One goes to a spot on a hill where homeless often camp out in the warmer months and another goes down into a ravine where BMXers have made ramps and tracks hidden amongst the trees. Sometimes there is a little path I take to climb up a hill just far enough to not be seen from the path and just sit on a log listening to music. Today I tried going up one of the paths that I had never been up before and there I found a four hole mini-putt course. It’s in an area that is so overgrown that I never would have believed that it was anything but forest. I guess concrete and astroturf don’t really decompose. The moss has blended in quite seamlessly with the astroturf. Add a zombie and it would make for a great Walking Dead set.

putt putt one

put put two

put put three

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