Day 165: make your own burning man

I’m tired and every inch of my body that I didn’t even know existed is sore. I’m confident that gardening is the best workout a person could ever get. I spent several hours ripping out bamboo that was taller than me out of a garden bed then hoeing the soil. My old wooden obelisk had dried up and was decomposing so I had to make a new one for my daughters school grown bean plant. It’s not pretty but it was free!!

I found this fatty fellow under a log.

Now what does one do with an old dried up obelisk? Well I won’t be finding myself in the Nevada desert for burning man anytime soon so I thought I might as well make my own.

Burn mother fucker BURN!


With today being Father’s Day in North America I had many things I wanted to say but I am just too damn tired and sore to say them.

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