Day 166: Vote for union reps

Do you ever fart in your work space because you thought it would be scent free only to have it smell quite fowl then you panic that someone will smell it so you take out your cranberry hand lotion and squeeze it just enough for the smelly air to come out but not the lotion but you squeeze too hard and lotion shoots straight up in the air and lands like jizz all over your carpet?  Totally hypothetical scenario.

I hate unions.  I think they are complete bullshit. They create a sense of entitlement where everyone thinks that they deserve what everyone else has and are treated equally but that isn’t how the real world works.  If you work hard and perform well at your job you should reap the benefits of increases and advancements, not simply be awarded them because you have worked there the longest.  If I put in a proposal for something that is accepted, don’t bitch because it wasn’t offered to you.  You didn’t earn it, you didn’t do the work.  If you want something, earn it, work for it. Unions work to protect individuals based on seniority and not merit which leaves organizations with old and uninspiring employees. They are an outdated institution which is no longer relevant in today’s business world. I have given without a choice, $80/month to my union for the last 10 years. That amounts to 9,600 fucking dollars. What have I received in return?  Threats.  My union has threatened me for actions that I took toward a more innovative work/life balance for which I received approval from a Director. While I do not support the union in any way whatsoever the fact remains that so long as I choose to remain in my current position the union will be getting my money.  Today was election day and I made damn sure that I voted against every single one of the people currently holding representation positions.  It was my silent fuck you protest. 

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