Day 168; buy solar

This is yesterday’s post because my daughter asked me to cuddle with her at bedtime and as always I fell asleep. Probably before she did.

I wish I had bought some sort of huge solar roof to make my house self sustaining but for anyone who reads this blog regularly you know I don’t have money for that! My first solar panel is a little smaller. I’m leaving late tonight for a road trip to rockfest in montebello, Quebec. My phone can’t survive two days without power and sadly I can’t survive two days without my phone. Solar to the rescue. I bought the Power Add Apollo 2 which charges phones and tablets. I’m going to hang it off whatever purse I wear so it can be keeping itself charged. It just occurred to me now that I could charge people to use my phone charger. I might also bring many rolls of toilet paper and charge people for those too. Drunk people everywhere will be throwing their money at me!
Here it is: it’s actually ridiculously good looking.


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