Day 169: learn to be silent when pissed off instead of snapping at people

I am currently very pissed off. I’ve had a small ball of rage bouncing around inside me for the past two hours. Road trip was meant to leave two hours ago. My biggest pet peeve in life is not leaving on time for trips. It makes me furious. I am furious.

About half an hour of the tardiness was due to one family member being in a spat with another family member and not driving them home after my daughters ballet recital. That was beyond our control. 60 going on 16.

The other part though is on account of my traveling partner baby daddy. He had all day to pack and prepare. I even made a list. Despite that the car was not packed, clothes were not packed, not one but two trips to the store needed to be made for forgotten items. The kids backpacks for a sleepover were not ready. There was a fucking worm crawling in the unpacked cooler. The list goes on. I normally completely lose my shit over this. He knows this well after many trips together. After all these years I would have imagined that the effort to reduce my stress would have been made by preparing. Maybe he does it on purpose just to spite me.

For the very first time ever I decided to bite me tongue. I am still furious but I am not saying a word. Snapping at someone won’t make the situation any better. It’s illegal as a passenger to consume alcohol in a vehicle right?

Update: just left now. The on ramp to the highway is closed for an accident. Jesus fucking Christ.

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