Day 173: Order and not drink a margarita

Yet again I’m a day behind, this is yesterday’s post. And it’s a sad one. I love me a well made margarita and last night I went to my favourite Mexican place that makes the best margaritas I’ve ever had. They are so good that I overlook the fact that they are served in a glass with a stem that is shaped like a cactus.

The other sad part? I couldn’t even finish my meal. Actually I’m okay with that part because now I have leftovers for lunch today. For the last few years I’ve been on meds that increase appetite and finally these new pills that I’m on decrease appetite. It’s about damn time.

I took my kids out for dinner last night to tell them that I was moving back home. They responded with raised fists….. Until one of them realized that their favourite room to play would now be my bedroom. Then there was sulking and enquiries as to why I didn’t like my apartment anymore. Kids are selfish little buggers.

Oooh, I have a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie that I was too full to eat last night. Breakfast? I think so!

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