Day 175: Apply for a job that is way the fuck out of your league

First an update:  For those who were asking about the Power Add solar charger, it worked perfectly. We did four phone charges with it and it still hadn’t run out of power.  It was the envy of other festival goers who pointed and discussed it longingly amongst themselves.

Next my cat submission from yesterday. I had included a list of my cat’s likes and dislikes as well as his post on imgur. (for those who didn’t see it before )   As it happens the person judging is also a fan of imgur and liked what I provided her with.  Fingers crossed !!!!  

Today was a fantastic day.  I made my first ever power point presentation last week (I know. Yes, it’s true) and did my first presentation of it yesterday and today did another to an outside agency which went very well.  I was feeling great afterwards and stopped at a coffee shop to pick up lunch.  While there Tim Horton’s pirate (that’s what I call him because he’s always at the coffee shop and often wears a frilly pirate shirt) complimented my dress.  Whenever I see him he always compliments me on my clothes and hair.  I think it’s pretty fucking fabulous that I get compliments from a man who wears fishnet stockings, a purple velour jacket and a frilly pirate shirt. On my way back I passed our office protesters.  They are there every Wednesday and we have been advised by management to not engage with them and to avoid going to that intersection at all while they’re around.  Not only did I use that intersection but I engaged with them as one of them happens to be my client.  I’m not going to avoid an intersection or my client, so fuck the system! As my morning was gaining momentum on the awesome spectrum, a former client of mine surprised me by coming to see me.  I worked with him quite intensely while in our program but it had been over a year since he had exited and I had last seen him.  He told me his Hep C treatment had been 100% successful, he got a full time job, got his license back, got married and bought himself and his wife each a Harley Davidson motorcycle. He showed me his bike and it was beautiful.  Seeing him and his progress in life made me so happy and proud of him.  As do most clients, they thank you and attribute their success to your support.  While I am thankful for his gratitude I know anyone’s success in life is attributed to their own hard work and dedication.  Everyone needs someone in life to believe in them and support them through their challenges and I am grateful to know that I work in a job that allows me to contribute that to people’s lives every single day. No matter what job you do, you reap what you sow so it’s always important to be kind and respectful to everyone you meet. 

Now that I’ve said that about my job, I’m applying for another job. No matter what I do it will always be important for me to be in a role to positively impact change in systems and/or support individuals with the challenges they encounter. I am successful with that in my current role but it’s time for me to look beyond, for bigger change and bigger impact. The job that I am referring to has great potential and although I know I could do it and excel at it, I know it’s hella outta my league. Despite knowing that it’s a hoop dream, I fully intend to apply in the hopes that worst case scenario I keep my name in the back of the minds of those in leadership roles who’s work ethic and values are both inspirational and admirable to me.

And now, can of coke drank and classical music on, imma gonna write the shit outta this application paper. 

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