Day 178: garden until you black out

Alright so I have very low blood pressure so I actually black out periodically anyway so not really that big of a deal. Did you know that the easiest and most effective way to treat low blood pressure is to eat a lot of salt? Nom nom nom.

Today was the day for planting the vegetable garden at what will soon be my residence again. It’s a little late in the season but it will be fine. This year I planted tomatillos for the first time. I’m going to make a bitchin salsa verde. Look at those nice little rows!


I also planted four of these big pots of grasses.


it’s 32 degrees and let me tell you hoeing is hard work! I had sweat dripping down me and dirt stuck to all the sweat, a sight to behold I’m sure. After many hours of work I stood up and blacked out for about 20 seconds. I figured that meant it was time for a break. And Now that I’ve showered possibly a nap. Oooh and then some rum and coke because goddamn it I deserve it!!!!

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