Day 179: work on a Sunday

I have actually worked on a Sunday before but it’s been at least eight years and for that I am grateful.

And when I say work, I am using that term rather loosely. Our program was recently approved for a garden co-operative and things are starting to fall into place. This year will start small with hopes to expand in the future. There have been a few setbacks along the way and some of the plants (but not yet the new planters) were delivered without notice on Friday. It’s been over 30 degrees each day this weekend and I was concerned that the new unpotted plants would shrivel and die on a hot rooftop so I went over to water them. Not exactly a tough day at the office but still, I’ll get compensated for it so it counts. It’s not much to look at yet but I envision a sculpture garden and outdoor pieces created by our art therapy group and summer evening art shows.


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