Day 180: make some street art

This morning at work we were greeted by police as the client of the woman who sits beside me threatened to come to the office and shoot everyone. I believe he was in a state of frustrated crisis and hopefully now that he’s had some police intervention he’ll get the help he needs. None the less, not exactly a great way to start a Monday morning. 

I went to jail this afternoon to visit three clients. This was my first time going around on my own and visiting ranges that I had never been to before.  It was quite entertaining this time around as all the men tend to congregate towards the bars of their range to stare as though they’ve never seen a woman before.  “YO YO, Come here, you’ve got to see this!”  “Miss, what’s your name?”  ” Wow, who’s lawyer is THAT?!” “Miss, do you know the Indian guy over in 3C?  You know, the one with the girlfriend named Brittney?” “MISS? MISS?  MISS!!!! Over here!” 


On my way back from jail I saw a jack russell terrier and he was wearing a little service dog vest and carrying his person’s McDonald’s take out bag. All my dog does is bark like an asshole. 


So onto the street art. Here is the first stencil drawn out.


I couldn’t do anything too complicated because my exacto knife didn’t have a swivel head.


Here is the second stencil all cut out


I decided not to use spray paint because it wouldn’t give me enough control for a small stencil and because I would have to pay for it when I already owned the paint. Here is my blank canvas.


I worked in the evening which meant it was still in the daylight hours on a relatively populated street. Midway through the grass stencil a police officer pulled up, stopped and said “what are you doing?”
Me: “making grass, don’t worry I promise it will be pretty.”
Officer: “okay” *drives away*

Awww yissss. Here it is from a distance. Subtle no?


Pretty right?


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