Day 181: Check out some online dating sites

After much joking about it I thought it was time to browse the world of online dating.  God. I am completely not signing up for anything now, I just wanted to do a look see. 

I started with Plenty of fish.  All of the thumbnail profiles I could see were women.  Does my computer think I’m a man or does it know that I’m a woman and think I’m gay?  Do I look up gay things on the internet?  Maybe a little, sometimes but still.  Or maybe it knows that I’m a straight woman so it purposely only shows me women knowing that I would have to create a profile to actually see any of the men. Those user names though, I just don’t know if I can do that.  What the fuck would my username be? Maybe spiderpig and my profile will say “if you didn’t sing the song when you read my username don’t bother messaging me”

Then I thought, hmmm is lavalife still a thing?  Apparently it is! All men showed up on that one for me.  MY GOD those terrible hideous selfies and usernames like imarockyourworld.  BLEH. 

Next was which also showed me thumbnails of men but only a couple blocked by that stupid pop-up sign-up window.  I could see pictures and usernames only and they actually seemed kind of normalish although Gregory I am sorry but there is no fucking way that you are 39 years old. 

I just don’t know about this.  It’s not as though  I’m currently unhappy or lonely because I’m definitely not.  It seems like a lot of work and effort to put towards something that I don’t feel that I need.  We’ll see.  Maybe once if I get to the point where I start collecting cats and knitting them sweaters I’ll consider it.  I’m just gonna put a pin in it for now. 

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