Day 182: sleep all evening

I feel like this might not be an entirely new thing for me. I’m wiring this at 2:40am because I slept through yesterday evening. I’ve been feeling pretty meh and unambitious this week. 90% of my interactions have been forced and it’s exhausting. My newest meds have been making me feel pretty good these last couple of months and I’m really hoping that they stay working. Anyone who has ever been depressed or understands depression knows that feeling meh, unambitious and sleeping a lot are all symptoms so I’m worried.
I have a couple of other theories that I’m hoping are the cause instead:
*dehydrated, not enough water intake
*not using my fake sunlight happy lamp at my desk (I’ve figured it’s summer now and I probably get enough sun)
*consuming more alcohol than usual over the long weekend which reduced the effectiveness of my meds
*meds have stabilized me but stopped improvement because I’m still at a below average dose

Those all seem very rational right? Tomorrow (or later this morning as it happens) I’m going to drink a shit ton of water and blast myself with fake sunny goodness.

Now I’m going to play fetch with my cat as his reward for killing a spider in the bathroom.

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