Day 184: design your own tattoo

I’ve really liked this Edgar Allan Poe quote for a long time now.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. ”

I like this quote for many reasons. Edgar’s wife contracted tuberculosis ( which as a fun side fact I actually have, but it’s latent) and her illness led Edgar to alcohol abuse to cope. Between the alcohol and the pressure of his wife’s illness he suffered from his own mental health issues. He found that his alcohol use and the insanity became better than his own reality. For some people, that is a true part of mental illness but for most it is simply a romanticized version as mental illness is a terrible trap that is many cannot escape. I like this quote because it can mean different things to different people and the very sight of it begins conversations about mental health.

In addition to the quote I wanted to include a raven feather. The raven is an obvious choice for it’s connection to edgar allan poe himself, but I also liked that in North American native culture a raven represents transformation and change.

I drew the feather today in pen over the quote which I printed out from a font I liked on It was detailed and I worried a little about that but I thought “hey a needle is small” it will be fine. Here it is:


As it turns out, the feather was too detailed and the font that I liked so much was also too detailed. Both had to be simplified to be workable. Here is the final version all done:


It was actually the easiest tattoo I’ve sat through. Obviously it hurt but I somehow dealt with it very well. Now my arm is all wrapped up and move much like a robot arm which is kind of awesome.

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