Day 186: ride on a motorcycle

I’ve managed to go through adulthood without having ever ridden on a bike and today it was time to change that.

I remember only once thinking, if we were to wipe out right now I would 100% be dead, the rest of the time I was mostly thinking, fuck ya!

It was nice to finally feel included in the secret wave that bikes do when they pass each other. I imagine they’re thinking “one of us! One of us!”

When you hit 100km every part of you and the bike starts to vibrate. Once you get to 120km my visor only helmet made me feel like this:


I don’t know why girls always hold onto the person in front of them, you don’t actually need to do that at all. You stay put with your legs only. If you wanted you really could just be waving around all wacky arm octopus sprinkler style.

And you don’t drive through the country, you ARE the goddamn country.

Sweet baby cheesus I think I’m in love.

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